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    Alaric Mitchell (a-la-ric) - I love this!
    Ajax Orion (ay-jaks) aj or jax for short. - I don't like this as much. It's a lovely combo, with a great flow, but I think Ajax has a bit more teasing potential, and it also *might* be more common, at least in the US. I know quite a few dogs called Ajax, plus the cleaning solution, it's a term used in programming, and was the name of a military operation carried out in the 1950s. So not the best associations for me, but nothing terrible either.
    Adric Orion (ay-drik) - Love this! I also like Edric. I would also say the name "Add-rick", because I've only ever seen the name on Dr. Who and that's how they say and spell it, but I think that looks neater than Aidric. However, I've seen Adrik pronunced Ay-drik? I'm not sure, although I love this, the pronunciation difficulties might turn me off it.
    Aydis Jasper (aid-iss) - seems a little bit feminine, especially combined with Jasper. I like both names, though. But I think they each need to be paired with something more masculine.
    Elric graham (el-ric) - I like this too!

    Alaric Mitchell would be my top choice.
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    I like Aidrik Orion i think it goes nicely with Viveca!

    (p.s I might just steal Viveca for my girls list!)
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    My favorite is Elric Graham, but I think people would constantly be seeing Eric instead.

    Alaric is great, but I don't like any of the nn's Al, Larry, Ric--though just Aric/Arick is nice.

    I really love Ajax but I agree that it has a lot of teasing potential

    I don't like Adric or Aydis.
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    Aidric Orion.

    Ajax - do you know that's the name of a cleaning solution?

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    Alaric Mitchell
    Elric Graham

    Those are my two favorites! I think I lean toward Alaric as Elric could be confused as a misspelling of Eric? But I do like Alaric better as well.
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