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    Wink Picky Parents BNG

    To Play:

    1-Posts a set of criteria that the [imaginary] parents want for the baby name.
    2-Thinks of a name then posts another set of criteria.


    1-The name must have connection to the sea, middle should be vintage but not old ladyish and must go with her sisters name Marina Gwendoline
    2-Pearl Morwenna

    The name must be less than 8 letters long, the middle should honor the grandparent [Margaret] and must not contain the letter A.
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    Lilah Meg

    The name must be 6 letters long, and must start and end with A, and the middle name must start with Z, and be less than 5 letters long.
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    Austin Zane

    The name must be meaningful to a family who have battled through a tragic car accident in the pregnancy that left the wife paralysed, first name should be in the top 100 and middle name should be longer than 6 letters.

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    Hunter Nicholas (Nick was the name of the man who rescued the family from the car on the side of the highway.)

    This family is expecting a son. The first name should be longer than 7 letters and contain at least two nicknames. The middle name should start with the same letter it ends with.

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    Sebastian Heath "Seb or Bass"

    The Holden Family are expecting TWINS!! One boy and one girl. Emilia wants their children to have Hebrew first names to honour her family and Maxwell wants the children to have beautiful vintage middle names.
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