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    Susannah Grace, nn Suki

    Jeremy Grayson is a businessman, and his wife, Elena, is a stay-at-home mom to their three sons, Matthew Edward (12), Christopher Robert (10), and Thomas Martin (7). Matthew, Christoper, and Thomas go by their full names. Their fourth pregnancy is a surprise, and Elena is getting the little girl she always dreamed of! Jeremy has decided he would like their wife to pick any name of her choice, since she waited so long for a little girl and it will be her last pregnancy. She wants something fun and girly!
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    Evie Allison (or Everly Allison nn Evie)

    Bea and Tom are having their 2nd daughter. Their first daughter is Alissa Marlowe "Ali". They want the next daughter to have an equally cute nickname. Her name should not start with the letters B, T, A or S. Her middle name should be unisex, start with the letter R, and contain the letters W, A and O.
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    Brittani Roawen

    Charles and Mariah are adopting a baby from Kenya. Her first name should be sweet and girly and end in 'y' and her middle name was picked by her birth mother. (it should be ethnically relevant)

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    Maeby Akili

    Liam and Tanner are finally becoming parents through the miracle of surrogacy. They are expecting twin boys. The couple shares a love of the popular game League of Legends and wants to name their children after LoL Champions (Full list of champions here: Middle names should be classic and masculine English names)

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    Northern Germany
    Lucian Theodore & Viktor Jack

    Lulu and Timothy are trying to find names for their baby whose gender they don't know yet. Their problem: Lulu only likes old-ladyish names and Timothy only likes very modern with -leigh, -lyn, -lee, etc. endings. His favourite name is Bryleigh which Lulu hates with a passion. Help them come up with two names that either both of them like or find a way that one gets the name they love but the other one does not.

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    Florence Harriet, Eliza Phyllis, Ida Kate, Minnie May, Ada Miriam, Clara Muriel, Jessie Lillian

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