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    Saskia Elsie Joy, Lucinda Greta Hope and Eleanor Sasha Grace

    Juno and Felix are about to welcome their second child, a brother for Vesper Alice, 4. They would like their son to bear a name that reflects his parents' Scandinavian heritage, and relates to nature in some way. His middle name should stem from a literary classic.
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    Arvid Heathcliff

    Hilde and Bastiaan Meijer are expecting their second daughter. Just before the birth of their first daughter, Kinsley Anouk Haldis, they moved to America. To help their daughter fit in, they gave her what they thought was an "All-American" name- in reality, it was just something horribly trendy that fit in with the current craze. Her first middle name is dutch, and her second middle name is Norwegian to fit in with her parents heritage. Much like her big sister, their baby most have a grossly trendy first name, and one Dutch and one Norwegian middle name.
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    Kalianna Agnes Sofie Meijer

    1. first name must start with A and end with -l
    2 Middle name must start with z and be 6 letters long

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    Amabel Zahara

    Lucy and Darius Fletcher are about to welcome their third and fourth children, a brother and sister for older siblings Clancy Rockford, 7, and Hattie Maeve, 5. They would like their new babies' names to share the -y/-ie ending, both relating in some way to a 20th century author, book or character, and the girl's name being a diminutive form of a longer name (like sister Hattie). Both of their middle names should have something to do with the animal kingdom without being too obvious.

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    Rosie Byrd (Rosie short for Rosalie, Rosalie from Twilight, Byrd is kind of obvious)
    Benji Halcyon (Benji short for Benjamin, Benjamin from Charlie Bone series, Halcyon means "kingfisher bird")

    Isabelle and James Edwards have one son already named Masen Liam. They are about to have twins-- one boy and one girl. They want the twins' names to be this: last letter of the middle name must be the first letter of the first name. The first name must be a common name spelled with one letter differently, like Masen. The middle name must have two or less vowels in it. There must be absolutely no y, x, z, or u at all in the name. Good luck pleasing the Edwards!
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