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    Alicia Jessamine
    Jackson Andrew

    The Robinsons are expecting twin girls. Their first names must share a meaning and the middle names have to be in the top 50. Both names should be quite long

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    Valentina Lily & Melisande Olivia

    Frank and Gabrielle are expecting twins, genders unknown. They would like the first names to begin with different letters but to phonetically alliterate (e.g. Phoebe & Freya, Charlotte & Sinead), and would like options for all gender outcomes, including BB, BG, GG. Middle names should begin with the same letter and have the same amount of syllables.

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    BB-Remus Hallan & Seamus Harlan

    BG-Remus Hallan & Alexis Haide

    GG-Alexis Haide & Carys Helen

    Meredith and John are expecting twin boys and have a family tradition of 2 middle names. They would like their given names to start with different letters, both with the same number of syllables, inc. 1st middle name but would like the boys to share a 2nd middle name.
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    Lucas Henry John and Joseph Toby John

    Camille-Louise Smyth is a single woman with no children, and no will to raise them. She is, however, a surrogate for a young woman who is unable to carry children past a certain point, Nora Heidke, and her fiancee Jake Borgas. Camille is also pregnant with twins. The future Heidke-Borgas children are girls, and must each have two middle names. Their first names must begin with the same letter, but they rest of it mustn't sound even remotely similar- for example, they would not like something such as Madison and Madeleine, or Taylor and Tahlia. The first twins first middle name must be after Nora's mother, Tilde, and the second twins first middle name must be after Jake's mother Helen. Their second middle names must both be after Camille in some way.
    Girls: Aria Charlotte, Ava Giselle
    Boys: Harper Nathaniel, Beau Alexander

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    Emanuelle Mathilda Cameryn
    and Elizabette Helena Milly

    The Johnstons are expecting identical triplet girls.
    They need to have two middle names. The first names need to be at least three syllables and share a meaning.
    No 1's first middle needs to be a form of Elizabeth, No 2's first middle a form of Margaret, and No 3's first middle a form of Alexandra
    All second middles have to be a one syllable virtue name.

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