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    Noah Malachi Jordan

    Genevieve and Shane Clark are expecting their second baby, a sister to Callie Sofia. Shane likes nicknames, but prefers to keep the names that his children will go by as their official first names. Genevieve wants her daughter's middle name to be ultra feminine, also beginning with an S.
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    Annabel Scarlett "Anna"

    The Miller family are going to adopt a baby. They don't know if they are going to adopt a boy or a girl, so the name must be unisex. The first name has to be a long name with a nn, and the middle name must be short. The initials must spell something. They want him/her to have two middle names, so there will be four initials. None of the names can be in the Top 1000 names of 2012, so the name must be uncommon but easy to pronounce. Good luck!
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    Domino Rumi Utah Miller "Mino"

    Heidi and Cameron Evans are about to welcome their second daughter, sister for 2-year-old Arlo True. They favour short, modern unisex names but don't want another name that ends in O. It should not be more than five letters long. Baby's middle name will be either a bird or a flower, but not something too common like Rose, and will be monosyllabic just like her sister's middle name.

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    Rowan Fleur

    Allie and Will are expecting their first children, twin girls. Allie would like to honour two girls who were a really big influence in her life, Emily and Maddy, however both Allie and Will agree they want more unique names than those names. Will would like to honour his mother for the daughters middle names and would like one girls' middle name to be a form of Jane and the other to be a form of Katherine. They love names that have nicknames, and prefer a short first name to be paired with a long middle, or a long first name with a short middle.
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    Emi Katherina
    Maddeline Janie

    Amber and and Jacob Grey are having baby twins, one boy one girl to join their family. They are joining sisters Asha Juliet (age 6) and Jael Adelaide. The girl must have a long sounding name with at least five syllables between the first and middle name, they boy however should only have 3-4 syllables. Ones initials must be AJ and the other JA. They cannot be olden day names and must be unique.

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