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    Aria-Joy Temperance

    Lucie and Aram Dury are expecting their fourth child, a little boy. They have established a firm pattern in the way they name their children, and intend to continue in the same manner when it comes to naming their new son. His first name should be the surname of a classical composer (allowing scope for a nickname if it is long), first middle name should be a Shakespearean character, and second middle name should be a one syllable bird name. He will join older siblings Vivaldi Cressida Wren "Viva", 7, Corelli Beatrice Lark "Coco", 5, and Brahms Claudio Teal, 2.

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    Haydn Lysander Jay

    Timothy and Eliza, who are both English professors, are expecting twin girls, and they have some specific rules concerning the spelling of their daughters' names:

    -each girl should have two middle names
    -the total number of letters in each girl's name (first + two middles) should be equal to the total number of letters in her sister's name
    -for each girl, the starting and ending letters of all three names must be different (ex: Emily Allison Blair is ok - the letters are E, Y, A, N, B, and R. Clara Therese Juliet is not ok, because T is repeated at the beginning of Therese and the end of Juliet)
    -the girls may not have the same first initial, but should share at least one initial
    -no word names
    -no extremely popular names, but for each name, the most widely accepted spelling should be used
    -they would like to honor their favorite contemporary writers, Zadie Smith and Jonathan Safran Foer, in the girls' middle names

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    Hermione Zelda Juliett and Beatrice Joanna Cecily (20 letters each and shared J initials; that was a tough one)

    Adam and Beatrice Cohen are expecting their first child, a little girl. They want her to have an unusual,stylish first name and two middle names. Adam is a musician so he wants at least one of the names to be connected with music and Beatrice wants one of the middle names to be a word name. The couple don't want a trendy or a surname name.

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    Averill Cadenza Haven

    Antoine & Jordis are adopting two baby boys. One child is coming from Mexico. They want his first name to begin with the letter X and paired with a traditional Mexican/Spanish name. The other child is being adopted from Haiti. They want his first name to begin with Z and paired with a traditional Haitian name (French or Haitian Creole).
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    Xalvador Emilio
    Zade Enjolras

    Baby Girl- Name starts with a consonant, has the nickname "Ella", works with the middle name Renee, but don't use Renee; come up with a new middle name

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