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    Silas Houston Kennedy

    Eva and Adrian Woodley are about to welcome their second child, a boy who will be a brother for their daughter Akita Esme Cosmos, 3. They would like their son's name to end in -a as well, but not be something common (ie Joshua). It should not be more than 3 syllables, and they don't mind if he shares an initial with another family member. His first middle name will pay respects to Adrian's late father Paul, but as they would prefer something more unusual they would like to chose a name with the same meaning rather than actually use the name Paul. His second middle name should be in the same vein as Cosmos (relating to space/planets or similar).

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    Hosea Pasha Orion

    Mark and Olivia are about to welcome their first child, a boy. They would like his first name to mean 'strong' or 'brave', and have one middle name with two syllables which should begin with A and have Celtic roots. Both names should avoid ending with -ar or -er.

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    Conrad Angus.

    Wes and Delia are expecting a little girl, to join twin siblings Atlas and Cosima. They would like a name that sounds ancient and strong, no more than 3 syllables. It should include the letter 'a' but not start with the same letter as their other children. It should have 2 middle names, and include reference to their Welsh heritage and honour Delia's grandmother Dorothy Anne in some way.
    Surname is Brennan-Kirke.
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    Vesta Elwyn Dorothea Brennan-Kirke

    Fiona and Gregory Egan are expecting their third child, a daughter, to join her brother Frederick Godwin-Edward, and sister Florence Georgiana-Eleanor. She must have the same initials as her siblings, FG-B. Her first name must be four syllables long, her middle name cannot be Gabriella, Gabrielle, Grace, Georgia, Gianna or Giselle, and her second middle name must be of French origin.
    Girls: Aria Charlotte, Ava Giselle
    Boys: Harper Nathaniel, Beau Alexander

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    Federucs Gail-Bailey

    Joanna and Mark are having their second daughter. Their older daughters name is Harmony-Rae Patience. Like her sister, the newborns fist name must be a two part name with the first part having something to do with music, the second part can only be three letters. The middle name must be a virtue name.

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