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    G: Flame Hyacinth
    B: Breeze Lemuel

    Hester and David are expecting triplets, two boys and a girl. Their requirements:
    - first names should be somewhat long and quirky, but easily shortened into cute nicknames
    - the children should have two middle names each, one of at least two syllables and one of just one syllable
    - they want to honor grandmothers Susan and Rosa, along with David's deceased brother, Lucas; they would prefer these references to be subtle (i.e. not copying the name exactly) and cross-gender (i.e. the boys would honor the grandmothers, and the girl would honor Lucas)
    - they would love to include subtle references to their favorite books, the Harry Potter series
    - the children shouldn't share any initials

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    Willoughby Cedric Wolfe "Wilby" (Cedric Diggory; Susi is Finnish for wolf)
    Hermione Lucilla June "Honey" (Hermione Granger; Lucilla = Lucas)
    Montgomery Ruben Rhodes "Monty" (Ruben = Rubeus Hagrid; Rhodes means "where roses grow")

    Elke and Patrick are expecting B/G twins and plan to give them one middle name each. One of the names should:
    - be the surname of a famous sculptor
    - be the name of a well-known fairytale character
    - begin with the letters "Lo" and be three syllabes
    - have three letters

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    Remington Lorenzo "Remi" (sculptor Frederic Remington) and Aurora Ivy "Rory" (from Sleeping Beauty)

    Max and Pepita Jackman are ready to welcome their third and final child into the world. Baby will be their only girl, so they would like something really special for her. Her first name will be Finnish, as Max and Pepita both have family from Finland. It should be connected to one of the seasons in some way, though does not necessarily have to be the actual name of one (eg could be something like Aurinko, meaning sun). Her first middle name will be the name of a river, as her parents met on the banks of one. And her second middle name should in some way honor both of her grandmothers, Elin and Amy. Max and Pepita's two sons are named Arlo Caspian Ezra and Soren Vander West, and the new baby's name should fit in well with the boys'.

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    Lumi Neva Ameline

    The Whittles are preparing for the arrival of their third child, a girl. They are already parents to twin girls Meiling & Adelheid "Mei & Heidi". The first name should be exotic (though not German or Chinese) and contain the letters "ei", as well the letter "L". It should also provide the opportunity for a sweet nickname. The second name should honour grandmothers Wendy & Kathleen, whilst the third name should be 4 syllables long.
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    Lorelei Wendeen Seraphina Whittle "Lei"

    First name: must be related to the forest but can't any variation of Forest can't be the name
    Middle name: starts with the letter H and is a place name (i.e. country)
    Last name: is Irish. It can't contain the letter O but must contain the letter N
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