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    Lourdes Petra

    Amy and Ryan and expecting their first girl. THey have 1 son, Henry Alexander Charles "Alex". They want something that is distinct and regal sounding. They want the first name to be a two syllable name. The second name has to have a nickname that they will call the child by and the 3rd name must be a name that the current British Royal Famil has.

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    Louise Elizabeth Marie "Libba"

    William and Katya are both professors of Medieval Studies. They would like a first name for their baby girl that reflects their love of all things medieval and a middle name that honors Katya's Russian heritage. Her middle name should also provide a unique nickname.

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    Avalon Ljudmila "Lumi"

    Ralf & Rebecca are parents to Romilly Olivia, Reverie Elisabeth & Rigby Isaac and are expecting their fourth child. The first name must be relatively uncommon and begin with R, but the second letter of the name cannot be "o", "e" or "i". The middle name must be popular and begin with the second letter of the first name. They would like options for both a boy and girl.

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    Randall (NN Randy) Alexander

    Raylina Addison

    Tom and Alice are expecting their 2nd child. The older sisters name is Séverine Lavender. The name must have 3 syllables in the first, not start with an S, and be French. The middle name must be a nature name. They're being surprised in the delivery room so they would like names for both genders.
    Ailbhe LavenderBoudica IvyCordelia Winter
    Dáire Lilac Daphne Elizabeth Edith November
    Elowen VerityGeorgiana BloomHelena Maude
    Marigold AdaOnóra True Rosalind Kathleen

    Algernon William Anson BenjaminCaspian Grey
    Cináed AngusCoinneach Séan Drago Éibhear
    Edmund KennethMontague SéanOswald William
    Rockwell AlistairRuarc AlbanUlric Nash

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    Gabrielle Iris
    Ludovic Rowan

    Eve and Owen are expecting twins! They are real music lovers and would like to subtly honour their favourite musicians (Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Nina Simone). They also are keen to give each child a short middle name which connects them with their favourite country of Spain.
    Please give two names for each gender since they don't know what they are having!

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