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    Oops! Two posters at once haha.
    Next poster can do both!

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    Aisling Serafina + Padraic Bartholomew

    Heidi Amelia

    Lucy and Brian are about to welcome their fourth child, a baby boy. He will be joining Hudson Rafferty, Finley Theodore, and Charlotte Louisa. They would like his first name to flow nicely with the other childrens', trendy but not made up. His middle name should honor his father without using his actual name.

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    Oscar Ryan

    Luke and Demi are about to welcome their fourth and fifth children into the world, they are having twins! The two girls will be joining Clara Emily, Joshua Lucas and Sasha Marie. They would like the girls first names to end in an 'a' so they flow with the other childrens names. Also they would like the middle names to rhyme, but are not cheesy.

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    Giorgia Brooke & Maya Anouk

    Libby & Henrik are expecting their fourth child, a girl. She will join big sisters Harpa Anaïs, Alva Annika & Finna Annelies. Like their current children, Libby and Henrik would like for their new daughters first name to be Nordic/Scandivanian in origin but simple, easy to pronounce in English or similar to a top 100 name (Harper, Ava, Finn). As is tradition for the women in Libby's family, the middle name should be a variant of Anna.

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    Bettina Annely

    Sun-Jee Kwon and her partner Katherine Tate are looking for a name to honor their own Korean and English heritage, as well as the heritage of their soon-to-be-adopted daughter from Colombia. They want an androgynous, gender-neutral first name as a more feminine middle name, to give their daughter the advantaged of being able to appear either male or female on paper, whichever better suits the situation. Sun-Jee and Katherine live in San Francisco, and they would like a name that doesn't feel too foreign, but that nonetheless stands out on the playground with the children of their other yuppie friends. They haven't decided if they will hyphenate their last names, or if they will use one of their last names as an additional middle name.

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