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    Willa Arline

    Lucas and Faye are adopting a boy from China. They want a modern, trendy-sounding name that isn't popular yet. His first middle name must start with an 'L' and his second middle name must be Chinese and cannot start with a 'C'.
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    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    Archer Langley Ming

    Jennifer and Michael are expecting BG twins. They've spent their whole lives having VERY popular names, so they would like their children to have names that are very recognizable, easy to spell, and won't cause their friends and family to question their sanity when they hear them! Nothing too "matchy", but should go together. Jennifer is a bookworm, and Michael travels abroad. The names can reflect those hobbies, as long as they are still "accessible".

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    Harper Florence and Leo Boston (Harper Lee and Leo Tolstoy)

    Isla and Will Castor are simultaneously expecting a baby son and adopting a toddler girl from India. For their daughter they would like a name that reflects her Indian heritage but that is fairly easy to spell and pronounce to a Western ear. Her middle name should be indirectly in honour of Isla's grandmother Margaret who sadly passed away before she was able to meet her first great-grandchildren. The Castor's son should have a name that goes well with his sister's and has a connection to nature. His middle name should be the surname of an inspirational figure, either modern-day or historically.

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    Kalinda Maisie and Larkin Tesla

    Kelly and Ian are marine biologists expecting their first child. They've decided to wait to discover the gender, so they need a male and female option. They'd like the baby's name to be inspired by a marine animal and the body of water in which it lives. They don't mind if the first name is the animal and the middle is the water or vice versa.

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    Lilia Marjorie and Lance Harrison

    Art and Marie are expecting their first child. They are in their 40s so this will be their only child. It is a boy. They want a name that will honor Art's first name Arthur without being Art or Arthur himself. They want the middle name to be named after Art's favorite hobby - woodworking.

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