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    Elena Marie

    Luc Porter

    Calista Michelle

    Marc Andre

    Arlo James

    Jeannie and Mike are laid-back parents who live in the backwoods of Georgia. They have three little girls called Nicosia Danielle, Aviana Jordan, and Augusta Claire. They are expecting twins: a boy and a girl. They would like the little girl to have a first name that is a place name - either an island or a capital city of someplace, and a fairly traditional but not overused middle name. The little boy should have a creative name that is a spin-off of one of the top ten boys' names (ex. not Jacob but Jacoby) and a unisex middle name.
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    Jakarta Cathleen

    Mace (Mason) Delaney

    Sophia and Vicente live in San Francisco. They are expecting a baby boy. They would like his first name to be American in sound and origin, and his middle name to be Spanish in origin. They would prefer the names not start with the same letter or for the names to be too common. They adore unique names.

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    Dakota Joaquin

    Cosima and Lucas are expecting their third child, a brother for Zora Maeve, 5, and Rumi Eloise, 3. They would like their son to also bear a four-letter, mysterious-sounding name. Both the girls have middle names that honour two family members: Maeve refers to Cosima's grandmothers, Maria and Eva, and Eloise refers to Lucas' grandmothers Elsie and Louise. As they are not planning to have any more children, they would like to give their son a middle name that pays respects to both sides of the family, and as Cosima never knew her father they have chosen to do this by melding Cosima's maiden name, De Roma, with Lucas' father's name, William.

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    Lane Rowan

    Rose and Jamie are expecting a little girl. They're both raging gingers and she will likely have red hair, so they want a first name to suit a redhead. The middle name should be Shakespearean in origin.
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    Aliya and Hugo are expecting their first child, a little girl. They would somehow like to honour Hugo's father William in the baby's name since he just passed. They like english sounding names that are short and sweet. Also, they like very modern names, and prefer the name not to have entered the top 1000 no earlier than 2005, however it should still be a modern, recognizable name. For the middle name, they would like to honour Barbara, Katherine or Carol by mixing 2 or more of these names (however they hate the name Caroline).
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