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    Danique Allie, Isa Aimee, and Fabin Aaron

    This couple is having girl-boy twins. The girl's name should have more then five letters but less then ten, and the middle name should be related to an American president, but cannot be named for the actual president. (So no Kennedy or Madison, but Eleanor works) and the boy should have a three-syllable first name and for a middle name, it should be a a place name.

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    Isabelle Martha and Theodore Francisco

    The couple is having quadruplets- two girl, two boys. Two names must end in L, the others in N and A. None of them can start with the same letters. All the names, first and middle, need to be Biblical and none of them can share the same first initial. They must have two middle names.
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    Abel David Cyrus, Gideon Moses Isaiah, Jemima Eve Naphtali "Jem" and Zuriel Phoebe Salome "Zuri"

    The couple are expecting boy/girl twins. The little boy's first name must be inspired by a band or song, his first middle name must be at least three syllables and have French roots, and his second middle name must be one syllable and nature-related. The little girl's first name must be a US state or state capital, her first middle name must be a name that is very old-fashioned and rarely heard today, and her second middle name must be an unusual word name.

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    Guthrie Raphaël Fox & Indiana Alberta Swan

    Two boys, two middle names each. Mother and father, Caine and Arlette, are art dealers and would like the first names to celebrate modernist art and artists. The first middle should be a gender bender, something now considered more feminine than unisex (e.g. like Peaches' Phaedra, not Avery). The second should honour grandfathers Fitzroy and Martin.

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