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    Raina Catherine & River Holden

    The parents are expecting twin girls! They would like the first names to be biblical while the middle names should be long and feminine. Also, the twins' initials should be reversed from each other (for example, one AB, the other BA).
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    Shiloh Nicolette & Noa Stephanie

    Yolanda & Daisy are expecting a baby girl. The first name should relate to water in terms of meaning whilst the middle name should honour sperm donor Luke.
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    dramagrl19 Guest
    Marina Lucy

    Anna Katherine Holt and Christopher John Holt are expecting their first child, a girl. They want the first name to be mainly boy (but usable for a girl) and it needs to be 2 or more syllables long. The middle name must honor grandma Betty and cannot start with the letter that the first name ends with. They don't like hyphenated names or nicknames as names (Emme, Lottie, etc.)

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    Riley Bethani Holt

    James and Hanna Reegol are having twin girls. They want ones initials to be ABC and the other ones to be DEF. They must have pop culture 1st names, and 1 natural middle name and 1 jane austen middle name.
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    Adele Briar Catherine & Dawn Ember Frances

    Peter and Nance are going to have a baby boy! The first time parents are nervous and want to give their baby a name that is classic and timeless but also isn't stuffy or common. Peter and Nance have a cautious spirit of adventure, so they are willing to try out something a little wild or "out there" but would like something more stable to balance it out. They would also like to have double-barrel middle names, and one of the middle names should give homage to Peter's green eyes.

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