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    Nora Emerson

    Brooklyn Paige and Kevin Maxwell King are having a boy! They already have a daughter named Willow Jade and would like to follow a theme. (you can decide on the theme but it needs to be visible).

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    Forrest Slate

    Jennifer and John are expecting their first child. They were both born in years where their name was #1 for popularity in the USA, and have always been sick of the multiple people around them sharing their names. Therefore, they want first and middle names that are no higher than #750 on the list this year for their child, and would prefer it if the names had never made the top 1000. They want to be surprised by the gender, so they need options for a girl and boy. Also, they don't want any names that begin with the letter J.
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    girl: Adair Yvonne
    boy: Hadrian Lowell

    Daniel & Eleni are expecting a daughter. They already have two daughters Daphne Alexis & Penelope Briseis. They want another Greek mythology name that ends in "e" but, don't want to repeat the first letters of D or P. And they would prefer an ending not -ne or -pe as those endings have already been used. Middle name should be Greek and ending in s, preferably beginning with C, to complete a A, B, C pattern to denote birth order.

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    Ianthe Charis

    Lila and Thomas are expecting twins, a boy and a girl! Thomas is full Irish and Lila is Cajun, straight out of New Orleans. They want names that symbolize either one or both cultures (if one twin has an Irish fn, the other must have a Cajun fn) but aren't matchy matchy. Names cannot start with the same first letter. Middle names are saints names.
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    Remy Adrian & Saoirse Colette

    Hazel and Atticus just got married and discovered they are going to have twins! A boy and a girl! They live on a small farm and homestead, where they rely on self-sustainability, so they generate their own solar energy, grow their own food, and have a dedication to taking care of the Earth. They want their twins' names to reflect their love of nature, but also want to give them names that are literary, expressing their love of books and knowledge as well, and they don't want them to sound too "hippie."

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