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    Mariana Anjou Evonne or Marcus Bartlett Lennox

    Hillary and Jonas are having twins, a boy and a girl! They already have three children named Skye Bailey, River Morgan, and Daisy Spencer. They would like the twins' names to coordinate with their siblings (natural fn, unisex mn). They would also be thrilled if the girl's middle name could also somehow honor their close friend, Sara, who is going to be the twins' godmother.
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    Brooke Seiler and Lark Shay

    Fiona Isabelle and Kaleb Dominic Berger are expecting their fourth child, and its a boy! They already have: Madison Jade, Alexis Paige and Connor Zane.
    They want the newborn's mn to have the same ay sound his sibilings do, and have a first name that fits with the bunch. They also don't want any of the same initials!! (that includes parents and last name so no f i k d b m j a p c z)

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    Hayden Tate

    Marisa and Timothy are expecting a second child, and they will not find out the gender so they need a boy name and a girl name. They already have a son, Benjamin Henry. They would like a first name that has 3 syllables, like their names and their son's. They like cute nicknames. A boy's name and middle name should begin with A, P, J, or F. Girl names should begin with J, F, or Ph. They do not like androgynous names or nicknames.

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    girl: Fiona Jade "Fifi"
    boy: Jeremy Parker "Jerry"
    (you said they like cute nicknames but don't like nicknames..... wasn't sure what to give you)

    Single mother Melissa Morris is expecting a girl. She hates all the ss' in her name so the baby's name must NOT contain one. She'd like the first name to be long and th mn to be sweet but short

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    Emmeline Rae

    Dr. David Parker, and his wife Annalise are expecting baby number 3, a girl.
    They have two sons, Noah Emmett Parker, and Nathan Ellis Parker.
    They would like their daughter to continue the NEP theme, so first name N, middle E.
    That moment you realize... this is my circus & these are my monkeys...
    Girls: Amaya Nicole . Aubrey Paige . Ainsley Danae . Alice Nova .
    Boys: Ayden Wayne . Asher Ellis .

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