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    Luca & James are adopting two baby girls; one is from Korea and the other is an American-born Hispanic. Their dads want to give them middle names that represent their heritage, but want their first names to be representative of their new family. They want their children to feel accepted and just as a part of the family as the other. Thus, the parents are requesting very similar names for the girls. The first names must be the same number of letters, have a similar theme, and have wearable nick name potential. The middle names should also be the same number of letters, but represent each girls' separate heritage. There should also be a second middle name that in some way honors family or love.

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    June & Max are expecting quads (b/b/b/b)! They already have a son, Maximus Aurelius II. For their other sons, they desire similarly strong, Roman names to follow the tradition of their father & brother. However, they wish to add a second middle name for their new sons that somehow have something to do with the number 4 to represent the fact that they're quads.
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    Audrey and Atticus are expecting twin girls, sisters for Anderson Catcher "Sonny" and Araminta Fair "Minty". To keep with their family theme, the new girls need first names that begin with A. They must be unusual but have a timeless feel to them. They will go by cutesy nicknames that must not begin with A. Middle names must be distinctive word from the titles of famous novels (siblings' middle names are from Catcher in the Rye and Vanity Fair).
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    Gilbert & Gaia are expecting twin boys Aug 18. They are parents to sons Azaleus Griffin Anthony and Glorian Henry Gavin. First names are made up masculinations of female names that have no male form. Two middles are, in whatever order, are as follows: (1) after a celebrity born on Aug 18, (2) a name beginning with G, two syllables.

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    Beta & Frisco are expecting triplets. They are parents to Snow Althea, Jiminy Barton, & Fantasia Poppy. The triplets first names must be Disney names and the middles must be film noir names.
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