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    Esmé Rose
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    Melissa and Andrew have 2 children, a girl, and a son. Both their children, have french first names. Their daughter, has a Catholic name. Their son, has a classic, manly name. They both have rare middle names, but not too ''out there". Their daughter middle, is once again french. Their son's, middle starts with M.

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    Madeleine Abrielle
    Calvin Maxance

    Ellie and Jack have 5 kids. The first 2 are boy/girl twins. Their first names mean twin and their middle names are both 7 letters long. The next kid has a long classic biblical name and a middle name that means happiness. Then they have all girl triplets who have a double barrel name (ex: Marie-Rose) with the first name a s a 3 letter girly name and then the second name as a masculine name usually used for boys the they have no middle name

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    Thomas Wilhelm and Tamsin Leonora
    Theophilus Radko

    Maris and Silas have seven kids whose names all end in S. Middles start with M and are related to the sea.

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    Kylee and Jason have five girls. All of their first names are gem names or names with gem-related meanings. The middle names are names of popular cartoon characters.

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    Max and Nero have twelve children! Names are in alphabetical order, starting with O. Middles are flowers for boys and trees for girls.

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