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    Celine Rosetta

    Arthur and Blythe are expecting triplet boys. They have a daughter named Esther Primrose Matilda. They want each of the boys to have biblical two-syllable first names, and two middle names, avoiding vowels, one of which should have a meaning connection to courage/bravery/battle.

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    Noah Leopold Callan, Abel Conrad Harvey and Silas Richard Gideon

    Ivy and Lewis Fleming are expecting twin girls, sisters for their two sons Emerson William, 6, and Sawyer Thomas, 4. They would like to continue with the theme of unisex names, and they should be quite trendy without being overly common. The girls will have two middle names, the first of them honouring a deceased family member without using their full name (take inspiration from Katherine, Melisande, Barbara, Lillian, Emily or Penelope), and the second will be a flower name.

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    Finley Melusine Rose & Quinn Calliope Lilac

    Ursula & Jamie first time parents, are about to welcome G/B/G triplets. The first names should have a British flavour and cannot begin with the same letter, the second names should be nature names beginning with D and the third names should be monosyllabic French names.
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    Alice Diana Rene
    Rupert Dylan Joel
    Matilda Dawn Claire

    King Babar and Queen Celeste are expecting. They have four children: Pom, Flora, Alexander and Isabelle. They are expecting another girl. What would you name her?

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    Adelaide Blanche

    Katherine and Kenneth Monroe have five kids; Lillith Martha, Carmello Dymitri, Patience Sophia, Zane Denim and Rosanna Mercy. They are expecting a girl and they are looking for a First name that ends with an 'S' and a Feminized middle name.

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