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    THe parents want a 4 letter long (first)name that makes a very masculine name overall fore their DAUGHTER
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    The Salgado family recently moved from Ecuador to France. They're looking for names for their B/G twins from both countries. For the boy, they want a shorter first name and longer middle name. For the girl, they want a name with heavy French influences, and a middle name that is a flower commonly found in Ecuador. Good luck!

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    (Sorry, I tried really hard, this was the best i could do!)

    A couple have girl/girl twins. For the first girl, they want a unique first name that sounds modern, and they don't like it when a boys name is used for a girl. Her middle name must be Jane to honour a family tradition. And they don't want a hyphenated name, or 2 middle names. For the 2nd girl, they still want a unique first name that sounds modern, and they want it to work well with the other girls name, but start with a different letter and sound distinctly different. Her middle name will also honour a family tradition, and must be a flower or colour.
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    This couple is having a girl. They want her first name to be nature-related, but not hippyish (Rainbow is an example) and her middle name should be related to the work of a famous author.
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    Parents to be are having boy-girl-girl triplets and are looking for Dutch first names. Middles must begin with the same letter, but each have different second letters, and must all contain the same amount of letters (e.g. Aubrey, Astrid & Agatha).

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