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    Rafferty Gustavo

    Forrest & Heather are expecting twins, although the genders are unknown. They would like their first names to be inspired by nature, while middle names should be color related. Since they will not be finding out the genders of the twins, they would like names for each scenario. (B/B...G/G...B/G)

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    B/B: River Grey and Ocean Blue
    G/G: Aspen Ruby and Clover Jade
    B/G: Hawkeye Sterling and Winter Rose

    Aidan and Olivia are expecting a little girl. Due to medical complications this will be their only child, so they would like to honor both grandmas (Carolina and Edith) AND both grandpas (Douglas and Victor) in her name. She should have a first name and two middles.

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    Edie Caroline Dove

    Maya and Stuart have 5 children: Inès Lullaby, Calla Zenith, Falco Rushes, Soren Brave and Rumi Valentine. They are currently expecting another boy. For their new son choose a highly unusual two syllable name that has roots in another culture but is not unheard of. It must flow well with his siblings' names and not share an initial or last syllable with his brothers' and sisters' names. His middle name must be an extremely out-there word name that would never be heard elsewhere.

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    Noam Booker

    Indigo and Heather are having twin girls. Their first names should be names that are flower and color names. Their second names should be names you would usually choose for a boy and their third names (second middle) should be one syllable and rhyme with eachother

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    Lavender Silas Mae
    Violet Carson Rae

    Micah and Jillian are expecting all girl quadruplets. They will join big sisters Lulabelle Lillian and Annamarie Alice. Like their sisters, each girl should have a first name that combines two shorter names and their first and middle initial should match.

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