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    Lukas & Owen are expecting their second child, and first child through surrogacy. A girl. They didn't get to choose the name for their 4 year old adopted son, Egan James, but love the meaning, "little fire," and would love to incorporate that love to their daughter. So, they want their daughter's first name to have a meaning having to do with fire/flame, and the middle name to be unisex, trendy, and one syllable.
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    Cora and Ezra are awaiting to find out the gender of their first child when they find out they are expecting twins, a boy and girl. They decided that the girls name must start with a C and the boy with an E. They want short one syllable first names and double middle names one middle name long with 3+ Syllables and the second middle name should represent nature.

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    Ty and Dahlia are expecting triplets, two boys and a girl. They would like the names to begin with X, Y & Z. The middle names should all begin with Q.

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    Francine is a single mother of two adopted children named Erik Michael and Emma Jane. After celebrating her 40th birthday, she decided that she wanted to have a biological child as well. She is now expecting a little girl! She wants this baby's name to also start with an E but she wants it to be much less popular than her other two children's names. She wants the middle name to honor her mother Lucille.

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    Quinn and Asher are expecting twins! Their first daughter is named Willow Audre Lark. They want their upcoming twin girls to follow the pattern: to have first names within the theme of nature, the outdoors, adventure, etc., for the first middle names to be those of historical feminist figures and the second middle name to have no more than five letters.

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