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    Ava-Josafeen Briar

    Harper & Grant have 4 daughters and 2 sons, all with surnames as first names. However, they do not want any names ending in "son". Middle names should be short and sweet word names.

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    Delaney Snow
    Winslet Lark
    Blair Gem
    Kennedy Hope
    Hendrix Stone
    Lennon Wolf

    Felicia and David have 5 children 2 older boys and 3 girls. the boys names are more proper and prim classical names to keep the families happy but by the time they got to their girls, their taste in naming became gradually more 'extravagant'. the girls names are extravagant but still fit in nicely with their brothers names. their middle names are spanish.

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    Andrew Lucas
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    Cali Alessandra

    Jared and Alison Rivera have 6 children names ending in ley. The three girls have unisex names and the three boys have masculine names, the middle names are Italian.

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    Bailey Adriana
    Finley Beatrice
    Riley Alessandra
    Kingsley Emilio
    Bradley Giovanni
    Harley Francesco

    A husband and wife have 5 kids all with names that have 4 syllables. The 3 girls have very feminine middle names and the 2 boys have middle names in the top 10 2014 baby names for the US.

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    Anastasia Catherine
    Elizabeth Annabel
    Isabella Juliette
    Alexander Noah
    Bartholomew Jacob

    George & Martha have 6 children (you decide the genders), all with Presidential surnames as first names. Each child's middle name begins with a different vowel, including Y.

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