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    pinkcandle Guest
    Kiernan Enzo "Kier"

    Maxwell Zachariah and Justine Clemency were recently cleared for adoption from Kenya. Their little boy should have an uncommon (but easy to pronounce) first name, and a middle name honoring his Kenyan heritage. Justine hates names that start and end with the first letter.

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    August Kwasi

    Sunny Eleanor Wilder and Lewis Alexander Gray are expecting their second child, a girl. They are already parents to son Atticus Bruno, 4. They would like their daughter to bear a name that has quite a vintage feel but will not sound out-of-place on a 21st century playground. It must begin with a vowel, but not A. Her middle name should be a foreign word for a familiar flower, eg instead of Violet chose the Estonian 'Lilla'/Filipino 'Lila'.

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    Emmeline Lumme (I love the detailed description!)

    Luci and Anu are expecting twins, a boy and a girl. To honor Anu's Finnish heritage, they want to give each twin two middle names. The family lives in France but might move elsewhere eventually, so the children should have French first names that could work well in other languages. Luci and Anu speak English together and like somewhat unusual English nature names. The mothers have chosen to hyphenate their surnames, so the children's last initials will be K-S - make sure neither of the children ends up with initials that spell a word!

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    Bastien Sequoia Artturi and Manon Cedar Hillevi

    Owen and Eliza Paxton have fraternal twin daughters on the way, sisters for their 2-year-old son Guthrie Elias. The favour first names that are very unusual but not made up; perhaps taken from a famous person or historical event. They can't share initials. The girls' middle names need to start with an E (tradition in Owen's family) and be three syllables long, like their brother's.

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    Florence Emmeline and Pauline Edwina

    Proud parents of Alice Lark and Cindy Zinnia are now expecting a son. For their son they want to continue with their Disney theme but do not want to have a son name charming. They like their names to be short to spell and not unheard of. For middle name they have chosen to chose names from outside in the wilderness where they like to spend there time when they are not watching Disney movies.

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