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    Aurelia June

    First name must be a flower with 2 or more syllables, middle name must be vintage and start with a C.

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    Lily Catarina

    Josephine and Eric Douglas are expecting a daughter on Halloween. They want her first name to be symbolic of her due date. She will have two middle names to honor her grandmothers, Sandra and Barbara.

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    Blair Alessandra Bairbre

    Eleanor Sage and Augustus James Waters are expecting twins, 1 boy and one girl. They want the first names to reflect their love of literature and their middle names to reflect their shared Irish heritage.
    Annabel, August, Calvin, Christopher, Dante, Eden, Hope, Irene, Isobel, James, Moira, Monroe, Rose, Simon, Sullivan, West

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    Holden Blaine and Briana Maeve.

    Allison Jane and Robbie Andrews are expecting twin girls. They don't want the names to be too similar (ie. Rosa and Rosie), but they do want the names to flow well and sound good together. They like relatively familiar but not popular names. They want the names to feel new and exciting without being tacky and futuristic.
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    Maxine Anya and Melody Sienna.

    Lucy Matilda and Matthew Alexander are expecting their first daughter. Her first name shouldn't be in the top 2000 and should have three syllables. For the middle name, it should be something that honors their shared history major.

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