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    Riley Scott
    Easton Cooper
    Lucy Alexis

    Meredith and Will are having twin boys. They love unusual names, and have a deep connection to Celtic names in particular because of Will's Irish grandmother. They would prefer the names to not start with the same letter, but to have similar sounds. They would like strong, masculine sounding names that have a meaning.

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    Geriant Thomas
    Flynt James

    Lucy and Laurent are expecting twin girls. THey would like French names that start with L. Middle name is to be soft femimine names!

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    Lisette Rose
    Lenore Grace

    Parker and Erin are expecting triplets, two girls and one boy. They would Both of the girls to have Southern First names that start with P, and the boy to have a Southern first name that starts with E. They would like the names to be unisex. And the middle names to be traditionally surnames.

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    Payton Sloan and Phoenix Delaney and Ellington Anderson (more unisex names) or Phylenia "Philly" Watts and Pascal Johnson and Eron Daniels (these are more southern names) (this was so hard!)

    Carrie and Owen are having their third child, b/g twins. They already have Saorise Violet (6), and Dante Andrew (4). They love strong girls names and softer boys names. No initials already used should be used. The fn should be unusual and the middle name familiar. they would like both names to have the letters A and E. They really like names that start with W, R, and A. No unisex names unless they are in the middle spot.
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    Waverly Ellen and Renauld Leopold

    Dick and Jane are expecting quintuplets. They recently found out they are having 3 boys and 2 girls. They are overwhelmed and have hired you to name their children. For the first name, they want a name that was popular during the 1920s (a la Great Gatsby) and has 2 or more syllables. For the boys, they want something manly, rigid, and familiar. For the girls, they want something feminine, soft and familiar. They want a 3 syllable middle name that is familiar, can not start with the same letter as the first name or middle name of any other sibling.

    Jane has been having dreams about her future Children. The eldest is a girly girl and an extrovert who is destined to be a stay at home wife and mother who has numerous social circles. Next is a boy that loves the outdoors and is very nerdy who is destined to be an environmental lawyer. The middle child is the second girl, a book worm and an introvert who is destined to travel the world and be a world class English literature professor - and has the most beautiful yet peculiar name making her older sister jealous yet she is always envious of her older sister. The second youngest is the jock and star athlete of the family and is focused and determined who is destined to be an Olympic Gold Medalist. The youngest boy is artsy, fun and laid back who is destined to return home and become the music teacher the local high school.
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