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    G: Valoisa Eve (Finnish for bright) or Phoebe Magdalen
    B: Flynn Balthasar or Xavier Matthew

    Shortly after the birth of their third child, Arrow Amalia "Ara", Shoshanna and Alex discovered they were expecting again. Other siblings will be Zipporah Rose "Zippi" & Nimrod Alexander "Nim". Shoshanna and Alex are both big in the art industry and tend to like names with a zany, badass vibe. They considered Pandora nm Panda but a friend of theirs used it on her own daughter. The baby's nickname must fit right in with Zippi, Nim and Ara and the nicknames relationship to the first name must be obvious. To balance out the wackiness of the first name the middle should be relatively normal.

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    G: Loretta Faith "Lolo"
    B: Balthazar Nicholas "Bal" or Calloway James "Cal"

    Hallie and Valentino are having their first child, a girl. They love spunky and 'out there' names, but for their child, they want the name to be recognizable but unique. The name should have several possible nicknames. Their favourites letters are the letters L, R, A, and E. The middle name (or first name if you feel it works better) should honour one (or more) of Valentino's family members without being a direct copy: Lucilla, Alejandra, Violetta, Fernanda.
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    Araminta Violet nn Minta, Minty, or Ara

    Amos and his husband Ezra have hired a surrogate mother to give birth to their child. They will be having a little girl, their first child. They want an exotic sounding, uncommon name that is one or two syllables. The two have also grown close to the surrogate and are good friends, so they would like to honor her in someway by giving their daughter a middle name that is similar to her name, which is Leona.
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    Sage Leonora

    Cassie and Owen March are about to welcome their fourth child, a girl. Their older children are Jackson, Luca and Eve, and for their new baby they would like a name that fits well with these names without being match-y or repeating an initial. They would like to in some way pay respects to Owen's grandmother Elizabeth who recently passed away. Baby's middle name should be an unusual nature-related name (the other children have Zephyr, Canyon and Wildflower, respectively).

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    Beth Dahlia

    Philippa and Leonardo Gardener are about to welcome B/G/G triplets. All three of the names have to have two middle names. The first name has to be four syllables. The first middle name needs one syllable. (No virtue names or filler names allowed). The second middle name has to be three syllables. All of the first names and second middle names have to be in the top 100, but the first middle name can have any popularity. None of the names can have matching initials or rhyme, but can not be too different.

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