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    Waverly Ellen and Russell (Russ) Wallace

    Danielle and Henry Clark are having their 5th daughter and have given the naming task to the future baby's older siblings. Aria Violet (10), wants a cool, modern name. Rowan Danielle (7) thinks that names that start with R or D are the only acceptable names. Loretta (Lolo) Katherine (5) is forever a tomboy and loves boys names on girls, her favourite at the moment is Drew. Stella June (3) likes girly girl names and long elaborate middle names (her idea of the perfect name is Gabriella Clementine to which Lolo says is disgusting). Can you help the Clark's come up with the perfect name?
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    The Clark's welcome a sweet baby girl and after a lot of trouble with a name, but finally decided on Claire Ryleigh Drew. she has two middle names because of her sibling's favorites and choices.

    Eve Rose White and Jacob Hurley White have been married for 7 years, and currently have one child, 5 year old Calla Avery White. Recently, the family found out Eve is expecting, twin girls. Everyone is so excited, especially soon to be big sister, Calla. Eve wants a gorgeous and nice flowing and something not too popular for her twins, and daddy Jacob wants something that matches well without being matchy, and like Eve something that flows well. Calla, being 5 really doesnt get too much say, but she has said she likes 'pretty names'. The only other rules for the White Twins names are they can not start with the same letter, practical and can not rhyme
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    Phoebe Delilah and Amaya Willow
    (Phoebe relates to brightness and Amaya to darkness)

    Joanna Maxwell and Fraser Everett are expecting triplet boys, brothers for their older daughters Arkie Emmanuelle, 6, and Viva Seraphine, 4. As with their girls, Joanna and Fraser would like their three sons to bear middle names of French origin, as both parents have French heritage. They would like the boys' first names to be shorter than their middles, and to not be rhymey or matchy in any way (including sharing initials with each other or any other family member). The only two boys' names they have been able to agree on in the past (in the lead-up to Arkie and Viva's births) were Digby and Soren, but these have both since been used by people they know.

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    Caspian Alexandre, Hugo Theophile, and Orson Christophe

    Madeline and Joseph Mackenzie already have two daughters, Willow Estelle and Maisie Vivienne. They are now expecting triplets- two daughter and a son. They would like the kids to both have first name that are kind of off-beat- some of there favourites are Hugo, Oscar and Felix for boys and Minka, Daisy and Harlow for girls, only they aren't able to use any of these. Their middle names must all be very old-fashioned names that are coming back into style.
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    Hazel Josephine, Ruby Matilda, and Gideon Solomon

    Ellen and Russell Robertson are expecting their first child and don't know the sex yet. Russell does not want his child to have an R in its first or middle name. The first name they would like it to have a similar meaning to either Ellen or Russell. They would like a biblical middle name that is familiar and not too wild.

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