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    1st choice: Claude Allison (Claude: C- Carter, ude - Jude, Allison - All - Allen, son - Winston) 2nd Choice: Juniper Wendolen (Ju - jude, er - Carter, W- Winston, len - Allen)

    Xander and Fiona are having their first child, a girl. They want a name with lots of nickname options that sounds modern and fun. They want it to clearly be an english name, nothing french, spanish ect. and it should be easy/obvious how to pronounce. For the middle name, they'd love it to be a flower or a colour.
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    Gemma Naomi

    Violet and Liam are having boy/girl twins! They want something vintage, but still moderately popular for the first names. For the girl's middle name, they want something related to flowers, like her mothers name. For the boy's middle name, they want something that originated in Liam's birth country, Ireland!

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    Henry Callahan & Eleanor Petal

    Roger & Catherine are expecting another baby. They are already parents to Frances Amelie, Juno Brigitte & Roman Akira. Roger and Stella share a passion for film and, as they have done so with their existing children, they would like to reserve their new child's middle name for a reference to either a film, actor, character or director involved in foreign cinema (Amelie Poulain, Brigitte Bardot, Akira the film and Akira Kurosawa). First name's should appear vintage but worldly.

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    Girl: Beatrix Ingrid
    Boy: Atticus Cyrano

    I'm just going to re-use the last one I wrote 'cause it got a bit lost in the thread haha...

    Kate and Isaac Fenwick are expecting their second child, a sibling for their 3-year-old daughter Anais Charlotte. If they have another girl, they would like her first name to relate to a heavenly body in some way, and for her to have a classic middle name that isn't in the Top 100. If they have a son, they would like a strong first name that ends in -er, and a middle name that is the name of a famous saint.

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    Celestia Beatrice or Carter Matthew

    Camille and Henry are having a baby girl. Her older siblings are Cecelia Rose, Benjamin Raphael, and Samuel James. They want 2 middles for her, the second middle must be Anne. They want a classic first name but not Elizabeth or Catherine. Camille wants her to have a nickname to go woth siblings Lia, Benno, and Sam.
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