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    Archie Irving or Willa Adair

    Norah and Sam have their first girl on the way after two boys: Murphy Wilson & Fintan Patrick. Both parents have Irish ancestry, which is showcased in the first names of their sons, and they would like to honour this once again with their daughter's first name. They want something obscure, however easily pronounced by English-speakers. They are not a fan of names beginning with K, A or J, and do not want a name beginning with M, F, N or S either to ensure unique initials among the family.

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    Orlagh Bridget

    Kate and Isaac Fenwick are expecting their second child, a sibling for their 3-year-old daughter Anais Charlotte. If they have another girl, they would like her first name to relate to a heavenly body in some way, and for her to have a classic middle name that isn't in the Top 100. If they have a son, they would like a strong first name that ends in -er, and a middle name that is the name of a famous saint.

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    Bellamy Cassidy

    Kathleen and Nicholas are expecting triplets (1 boy, 2 girls). They have already decided on Alexander Charles as the son's name after their fathers. The eldest girl will have the middle name of Marie after Nicholas's mom. However, they do not like Kathleen's mom's names of Deborah Darlene so they are looking for an alternative for the first name that honor Kathleen's mom. They would like another classic name for the other daughter that is similar to but does not match completely the other two children.

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    Alexander Charles, Debbie Marie, and Emily Katherine

    Roderick and Desiree are expecting a baby boy. They want the first name to be short and sweet - 4 or 5 letters - but it must start with a vowel. They want a classic middle name, but with a different spelling.
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    Storm Justin and Cliff Matteo

    Erica and Finn are expecting their first to be a little boy. They were right, and they named him Griffin Matteo. Now, they just had twin girls. They want the names to go well and clearly be twins names without starting with the same letter. They want the names to reflect their Jewish ancestry (therefore Hebrew names either as first or middle names). Also, they want to take into account the fact that the girls are born right at midnight, so something celestial (having to do with the sky/stars/planets).

    Miriam Celina
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