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    Penelope Grace nn Penny

    Amy and Edward are expecting their first child, a girl. Her name needs to have two middles, and must honor family member Lucretia. Amy does not like Lucretia, so she wants to use a name starting with L or one with a similar meaning. It can be in the first name place, or the first middle. The second middle must begin with M. The first name needs to have more than 2 syllables.
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    Lucille Odette Marissa

    Keith and Vicky have two girls Brianna Lynn and Olivia Mae. THey are expecting their first boy. What would you name him?

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    Hugo Alexander or Raiden James (Brianna and Olivia are cute!)

    Corinne and Ben are expecting their 2nd child. They already have a daughter named Bria (Bree-a) Elizabeth. They want the next daughter's middle name to be Jane to honour a tradition on Corinne's side. Bria has started calling the baby Lolo, which Corinne and Ben like, they're just not sure what Lolo should be a nickname for. They want a longer name to be paired with the short middle.
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    Lorelai Jane

    Margo & Leon are expecting another child. They are already parents to Yasmeen Olive & Zade Wallace. They would like to continue the theme of giving their children an Arabic first name (to honour Leon's mother's heritage) and an old fashioned middle. The first name must work well within an anglophone community, and the second name should be only one or two syllables long.

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    Jamal Rupurt or Rana Hazel

    Brian and Tiffany are expecting their first child. They spend their weekends hiking, fishing and camping. They also have a cottage that they enjoy. They are looking for rustic, laid back names. They want a familiar first name - a tad vintage but not too vintage. They would love to have a middle name that showcases their love of the outdoors but does not directly scream outdoors (no Oak, Hunter, Fern, Rose etc) - the meaning of the name should reflect it not the actual name.

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