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    Radley Finn

    Jessie is a mother whose former three children were taken into foster care from birth because of severe depression and unsuitible living conditions. She has recovered and would like a new start in life. She is going to run a florist on the outskirts of london. Her boyfriend Alec would like a strong and classic name with no teasing potential and long enough for several nicknames. Jessie would like the name to include some meaning around a fresh start or beginnings. She would also like to honor her welsh grandfather. Alec likes Charlotte/Georgina and Jessie likes Carlotta/Georgie.

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    Georgette Nova Angharad

    Missy and Conan Bright are expecting girl/boy twins, who will join Conan's older children from a previous relationship, Jasper and Una. The boy's name should be the name of a Norse god or prominent character in Norse mythology, and his middle name should honour one of his grandfathers, whose names are Maximilian Turner and Samuel Ascot Bright. The girl's name should be an unusual, mystical-sounding take on a common name (ie Ever from Evelyn) and her middle name should be the name of an ocean or river.

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    Gunnar Samuel and Trinity Annalee

    Nicole and Ernest is expecting twins and haven't found out the sex yet (they will need girl/girl, boy/boy, and girl/boy sets). They have 3 children: Emma Elizabeth, Alexander Charles, and Violet Marie.

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    tyorke59 Guest
    Lucy Charlotte and Sophia Jane

    Edward Louis and Samuel Owen

    Lucy Charlotte and Samuel Owen

    Felicia and Todd are expecting twin girls. They want them each to have 2 middle names. They would like their first names to be in honour of each of their favourite bands (they are major music people!) Felicia loves The Beatles, and Todd listens to Radiohead. One middle name for each should be a family name - the ones that they like are Rosa, Sparrow, Vienne, Clemence, Ferne, and Augusta. Felicia is an avid surfer, so one middle name should reflect that in some way. The other one should reflect Todd's major interest, which is 20th century drama. This is a tough one, I know!

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    Winifred(john lennon's middle name was Winston) Augusta (FN) Margaret (After Margaret River in West Australia) "WINNIE"
    Phillipa (after drummer Philip Selway) Ferne (FN) Antonia (after Antonin Artaud) "Pippa"

    Wife, Michelle, and boyfriend Jeremy, is expecting their first child - a girl She is a teacher and wants a name that is not popular but not a weird spelling, very familiar and vintage (not a name within the top 200). They want romantic, soft and flowing names and more than 7 letters in both the first and middle name.

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