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    Beau Martinique joins brother Luda Maximilian.

    Athena Lark is a 30 year old pregnant woman who lives in a yurt on a llama farm [hehe]. She makes her living by making beautiful crafts, jewellry and batiks. She would like her triplets to have beautiful, colourful names but nothing to sound hippie-ish. Her grandmother does not approve of her and would like some names from her era to be used.

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    jessiemay: Valo Sofia or Costa Leonard

    whirligig: Girls: Mazarine Mary, Lazuli Florence, Carmine June
    Boys: Azur Richard, Sterling John & Roan Robert

    Alastair and Jenny are welcoming twins. They would like to have BB, BG and GG combos prepared but do not want any of the names to be reused (like Jemima & Louis, Louis & James, Jemima & Sylvie etc). For each combo one child's first name should be the name of a bird translated into a different language whilst the other should be the name of a plant/flower/natural feature translated into a different language. Second names should be from the top 150-100 names of different decades each.

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    Olla Renee and Ruusu Victoria (g/g)
    Eala Nicole and Garissol Dustin (g/b)
    Gorrion Charles and Trevo Kenneth (b/b)
    (Olla and Eala both mean swan - I forget what language. Sparrow in spanish is Gorrion. Trevo is clover. Ruusu is rose in Finnish. Garissol is sunflower in Portugese. That was hard!)

    Carolyn Richards and Liam Richards are having their first child. They don't know the gender, and therefore need to be prepared for both. They want the child's initials to spell a word. (ie. Carolyn Ann Richards = Car). The first name should have no clear nickname as Carolyn and Liam really dislike nicknames and all the trouble they bring. For a girl, the middle name should be a princess name. For a boy, it should be after a famous athlete.
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    Ellie Aurora Richards = EAR
    Jett Alex Richards = JAR

    Bo and Jill are having their second baby girl. They already have Ryleigh Maddison. Bo wants the first name to have Lynn at the end of it like there's leigh at the end of Ryleigh. Jill wants the middle name to flow but also wants it to be in the top 12 for girls names.
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    depends on the day and the book...
    Katelynn Sophia

    Theo and Emily are having their first child, a boy. Theo wants the first name to be after a literary figure (character or author). Emily wants the middle name to honor her grandfather Franklin in some way.
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