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    Bam Dashiell, Atlas Jethro and Llio Pax.

    Lizzy and Mark are giving birth to a little girl. The name must have 7 letters in total, the first name must start with an I to honour both Lizzy and Mark's parents and be a nature name and the middle name must have a link to purple.

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    Ivy Plum

    Sienna and Phillip are about to welcome twin daughters. They will be Sienna's first children, but Phillip has three older sons: Finn Edward, 18, Jett Arthur, 17, and Joss Oliver, 14. As you can see, Phillip prefers short, punchy names, but Sienna wants her daughters to have long, feminine names. To compromise, they will choose long first names that both have cute, monosyllabic nicknames (nothing too common). Middle names must begin with vowels (can repeat any of the boys' middle initials).

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    Catalina Una and Cassandra Ivy
    (Cat and Cass)

    Gabriella and Hunter are already parents to a 3-year-old boy, Anderson River, and are currently expecting a second baby boy any day now. The first name must be a surname that is longer than 8 letters, whilst the middle name must be related to water.
    I am not yet a mummy, but I sure am an auntie to these beautiful children:
    Jamie-Leigh, Maddison, Isabelle, Olivia, Freya, Evie, Zakary, Elise

    Future children's possible names:
    Isaac, Dalton, Jack
    Constance, Millicent, Lindsay

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    Shepherd Lake

    Anna and Gabriel are about to welcome a son, brother for their 3-year-old daughter Elaari Storm. Their son's name should either be made up or already established but very rare, and related to stars/constellations in some way. His middle name must be a strong word name.

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    Catius Arrow

    Taryn & Sabrina have been married for three years, and they just learned that their In vitro finally took, twice!! Sabrina is pregnant with twins! Their donor is the girls best friend from college, Adrian Leon Mercer, he doesn't want to be a father, but he wants to be a cool uncle! The two mothers decide to give each twin one name that honors Adrian in some form or fashion. And the second name is old-fashioned. Sabrina gives birth to boy/girl twins.

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