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    Patrick Vaughn (an Irish nature name meaning "beech tree")

    Jeremy and Millicent are having a second daughter. They like family names, and Millicent's mother has always wanted a granddaughter named after her, Bronwyn. Jeremy doesn't love this name, but still wants to honor his mother-in-law. As a couple they love the names Willa and Opal.

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    Bronnen Willa

    Althea and Matteo are having girl triplets! They want one to have a first name that is a "Gwyn" name, one to have a name that is a more modern variation of Althea's great-grandmother Mary's name, and one that means something powerful. They want the middle names to be uncommon but not ugly or unheard of and from a mythology other than Greek and Roman.
    Rachel // cross-country & track // teenberry

    Delilah // Camilla // June // Marigold // Eliza // Araminta // Lola // Cora

    Ronan // Arthur // Julian // William // Bram // Dixon // Henry // Gideon // Gabriel // Bellamy // Corbin

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    Gwendolyn Saga, Marielle Eisa and Abrianna Sunna

    David and Leah are having a baby boy. His first name should be a variation of David - but nothing too obvious. His middle name should be Eastern European but still fit in in the States.

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    Davin Lukas

    Jared and Ashley are having a baby boy. Jared loves the Detriot Tigers baseball team. Think of a cool first name using some sort of unique variation of one of the players first/last name. The middle name should be either a last name first or an under the radar boy name.

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    Lander Gideon (from pitcher Justin Verlander)

    Amos and Fiona are about to welcome twin girls, who will join their older children Ari Calliope, 9, and Zev Samson, 6. They want first names that are short (4 letters or less), unusual and quite exotic-sounding, and middle names that are strong and familiar but rarely heard.

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