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    Nala Ruby

    Sage and Bastian already have 4-year-old twins Remi Olive and Silas Owen. They are expecting another boy and are stuck for a suitable name. Sage wants something relatively short, unusual and strong, while Bastian is insistent that the baby's name honours his deceased grandmother, Juliette Elisabeth Arlington, in some way. His middle name must begin with O.

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    Julien Oustin

    Katie and Greg are havjng their third child, a girl. After having ng two boys, Jesse Park(4 years) and Joshua Lewis (3years) Greg wants to continue the "J" first name them, while Katie wants to name her a short 4 letter name and her middle name will be after Katie's dad, Lynn David.

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    Jade Alinda

    Marina and Dorian are expecting a little girl to join their older daughter Cassia Elowen, 12. They feel Cassia is old enough to be included in the naming process, and she is set on her baby sister's name being related to 60s music, as this is her latest love. Marina and Dorian would like a middle name that is feminine, strong and distinctive.

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    Layla Quinn

    Jodie and Mathew are about to have their first daughter, sister to Theo and Jye. Jodie wants to name her daughter Emi after her recently deceased sister but Mathew wants to have his daughters name long so it stands out as pretty and feminine against her brothers. He suggested Emily but both believe it is too common, however Jodie is persistent on representing her sister I. So e way. The boys also want her to be named after a female superhero and the parents thought that maybe they could do that for the middle name.

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    Emmaline Bella

    Kate and Robert have one daughter already, Lillian Claire. Kate wants their newest addition, a son, to have a first name after her father, Patrick, but Robert wants to represent his sister and have a nature name. His middle name should be representative of his Irish past, but still sound normal in the US.

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