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    Thaddeus Pip Lennon and Tobiah Inigo Hendrix.

    Daisy June and August Lee are expecting triplet girls. They'd like their first names to be uncommon nature names, and their middles to honor August's grandmother, Dorothea Elisabeth, Daisy's mother, Heather Leanne, and a woman from their church who has significantly helped them, Miriam Jean.

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    Calla Miriam, Maple Elizabeth, and Iris Leanne

    Alice and Jakob are having quadruplets, all girls. They would like to use familiar names that all share a same (or similar) meaning, however each name should be unique. Each name and middle name should start with a different letter. For middle names (only 1 middle per kid), they would like to honour as many of these people as possible, even if that means combining names: Katherine, Barbara, Carol, Jane, Andrea, Hillary, Corinne, Hollis, Diane.
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    Amanda Katelinne
    Beatrice Cara
    Grace Holly-Anne
    Mila Jill

    Holden and Bellatrix are having twins but don't know the genders. For the first names, Bella wants them to all end in the same letter but not to start with the same first letter. Holden wants all of the middle names (even the boy mn's) to honor his Mother, Graceynne Edith Louise.
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    Mabel & Jonah are expecting their first child, for whom they are planning to give two middle names as per Jonah's family tradition. They already have cats Loki, Cosima & Jay so they don't want a name they could confuse with those. In Mabel's family for countless generations all women's names have ended in 'L' and they would like to honour this if their baby is a girl, but with something kooky and uncommon. Without ending in 'L' the girl's middle name should also pay tribute to one or more of Mabel's sisters: Pearl, Isabel, April & Rachael. The third name should be after a wildflower. If the baby is a boy however, his first name should be something mythological and rare, but not Greek. His first middle name should honour Jonah's father Asa Charles, whilst his second middle name should sound like it has elements of Mabel and Jonah's first names. Once again, names should be unusual.

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    Grace Auden and Cassius Feary are expecting their second child, and are waiting until the birth to find out the sex. They are already parents to son Luda Maximilian, who is 3. If the baby is a girl, they would like a name that ends in O or a something that sounds like it (ie -ow/-oh/-eau/-aux), and a middle name that is also a country's capital. If the baby is a boy they would like another name that ends in A to follow on from Luda, and his middle name should be related to the animal world in some way.

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