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    William Harris or Nathaniel Harrison

    Michaela and Ryan are having their second child, a girl. They already have a boy named Peter (Pete) Harrison. They want a relatively short, common name (not Ava), with a cute nickname. For the middle name, Michaela wants to honour her best friend Allison while Ryan wants to honour his sister, Cassandra, nn Cassia.
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    Emma Calliope (nn Emme or Em)

    Peter and Penelope are expecting their third baby but their first boy! They already have Paetynn Rose and Paisley Faith. They want the baby to have a first name that starts with P but they want the name to be normal. Penelope HATES the name Pax. Peter wants a middle name that is very modern and in the top 15 but it needs to be short like the girls' middle names.
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    Porter James

    Lola King and Axel Hardy are expecting their first child, a girl. Lola is an artist, and would like her daughter's first name to honour her profession by incorporating the name of a 20th century painter. They would like for her to have two middle names, one that relates to the city where they first met (you decide where) and one that is an homage to Axel's sister Sienna without being exactly that name.

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    tyorke59 Guest
    Dali Sierra Eugenie (Eugenie is the name of a street in Chicago, where they met)

    Jessa and Kieran are expecting their first child, a girl. They are very proud of their Irish heritage, and would like her name to be a fairly uncommon Irish Gaelic name. They would like for her to have two middle names. One must be a (once again uncommon) literary name, as Jessa is an avid reader. The other must be after a song by Bon Iver, who inspired Kieran as a musician AND wrote 'their song.'

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    Aoife Scout Calgary

    Zara and Orion Beckett are expecting twin boys, brothers for Nim and Nala. They would like two more unusual, exotic-sounding names, and would like the boys to share initials with each other (but not with their sisters). They would like to indirectly honour the two grandfathers (Theodore Phillip Bayliss and John Ignatius Beckett) in the boys' middle names, and would like them to each have a second middle name that is inspired by a rock'n'roll legend.

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