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    Emery Stella "Emmy"
    Adair Ayn "Addie"
    Rowan Kasey "Ro"

    Bailey and Tim are expecting twin girls! They like names with a vintage, southern feel. Both girls must have two middle names, and the first girl *must* have Ann as her first middle name. Family names -including surnames- are to be used for the other middle names. Common family names include: Isabelle, Katherine, O'Hara, Larkin, Opal, May, Rose, Patricia, Sarah, and Jo/Joan/Joanne.
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    Maebelle Ann Rose and Georgiana May O'Hara

    Violet and Thomas are having twin girls, their first kids. They like modern names that don't sound made up. The names should be outside the top 100. The middle names should be a unisex name (they like the names Rowan, Marlowe, and Teagan, but are open to suggestions). One girl's name should somehow honour the name Allison (not obviously though), and the other's name should honour William (not obviously though).
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    Willow Rowan and Emerson Phoenix

    Lisa and Evan Suffolk are expecting their first child together (Evan has a teenage son, Micah, from a previous relationship), and have chosen not to learn the gender prior to the birth. If it is a girl, they would like a cute modernised version of an old classic name (eg Frankie from Frances) and a middle name that is an ancient Roman goddess. If the baby's a boy, they would like another Biblical name that isn't heard too frequently but doesn't sound out of place in an English-speaking country, and a middle name that is also an occupation.

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    Ava Diana or Joel Mason

    Anna an Grant are expecting twin girls! Anna wants both names to be hyphenated like Ellie-Mae but Grant also wants them to have a separate middle name that flows with the first, so like Ellie-Mae Victoria. The names they have on their list to pick from for the hyphenated names are: Maddie, Sara, Willa, Ava, Leah, Grace, Mae, Lynn, Kate, and Leigh. Grant just wants the middle name to flow.
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    Sara-Grace Marie and Maddie-Lynn Pearl

    Levi and Margaret are expecting their fourth child. Their other children are Benjamin Adam, Genevieve Marie, and Rosemary Alexandra. They are expecting a boy and want a name that sounds regal and fits with their other children. They also want the middle name to honor Margaret's grandfather Harold but they don't like the -old part.

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