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    Boy: Edison Bernard Sylvan
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    Pippa and Elliot are expecting their third son, brother for Pascoe Kipling and Gabriel Hemingway. As he will be arriving around Independence Day, his parents would like a name that honours that time of year in some way (Pascoe was born around Easter, and Gabriel around Christmas). His middle name should, like his brothers', honour a specific literary great.

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    Franklin Byron

    Philip and Beth are expecting their 4th and 5th child - boy/girl TWINs. They are looking for names that go well with Elizabeth Lillian, Alan Cooper, and Emma Olivia. They just want timeless names that go well together to match the other children's names.

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    Catherine Eve and Henry Edward

    Chris and Maria already have two children, Abigail Josette and Sean Wilson. They are expecting their third, of an unknown gender, around Christmas time and would like a first name to reflect that without being overly obvious.The middle names honour two of the grandparents (Josephine and William) and they would like to honour one of the remaining two grandparents in this baby's middle, but not use the name directly. The other grandparents are Kenneth and Margaret.

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    Noelle Josephine Kendall or Caspar William Marc

    Asa and Lucia are expecting triplets girl/boy/girl and they live in New Mexico. They want the first name to be of Japanese orgin but easy to say in America and middle names are to have a Spanish influence.

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    Aedin and Carson are expecting their first babies! It's triplets but they don't know the genders yet. Carson wants the first names to have nicknames but doesn't want them to sound like old lady or man names, so she wants them to be modern... Aedin wants the middle names to honor his family but wants the names to be variations. Family names include: Stacy, Stelian, Richard, Suesi, Anna, Lamont, Casey, and Mason.
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