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    (beginning with C for Corinne and Cassidy, "han"/"andra" from Hannah/Andrea)

    Megan and Orrin Vesper are expecting their third child, a little sister for brothers Guthrie Atticus and Argus Dashiell. They would like her first name to begin with B, in honour of Megan's recently deceased sister Bonnie, and to be related to a specific literary work. Her middle name should be of Scandinavian origin and have some connection to the natural world.

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    Belphoebe Bjork Vesper

    Stanley & Sophie are already parents to three year old Beatrix Alicia June and are expecting a second child (gender unknown). Like Beatrix they would like the first name to be the first name of a celebrated author (something more obvious like Enid, rather than William), the second name to be an amalgamation of two family members names (just as Alicia combines Stanley's step-sister Alison and Sophie's grandmother Marcia) and for the third to be a monosyllabic vintage name. Family members on Stanley's side are Ian, Thomas, Paddy, Lillian, Catherine, Alex, Mia & Marley. Family members on Sophie's side include Christine, Victoria, Judith, Nora, Samuel & Richard.

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    For minisia:
    Boy: Salinger Victorian (amalgamation of Ian and Victoria)
    Girl: Salinger Alexandrine (amalgamation of Alex and Christine) nn. Sally

    Charlie and Juliana "Jules" are pregnant with twins. They do not plan on finding out the genders, and therefore must prepare for all possibilities (bb, bg, gg). Charlie's family is of Scottish and Irish decent, and his surname is noticeably Irish. Juliana is also Irish, but is predominantly Italian and has an Italian surname. Jules would like her children to carry on her Italian heritage. Both Charlie and Jules are concerned that an Italian first name and/or middle name combined with an Irish surname will sound silly. Charlie and Juliana do not want names that are in the top 500 of the year their child is born (2012) and they do not want "match-y" twin names, but would be open to two names that are connected in an un-obvious way.

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    (hope you're happier this time! If not, maybe you're looking for something more specific and should post a thread?)

    Adelia Jane and Hugo Edmund are having their 2nd daughter, 2nd child. Their first is a girl named Cassia Jane. They want the name to pair well with Cassia, and would like the first name to somehow honour Hugo's mother, Emilia, without being a complete copy. They want something as unique as Cassia, but preferably not ending with ia, and definitely not ending with sia, since they call Cassia - Sia. The name should not start with A, H, or C. The middle name should also be Hebrew to honour their Jewish heritage.
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    Sofia and Leo Williams are expecting their fifth child, the only singleton with two sets of older twins. The 6-year-old boys are Axel Peter and Arlo Frederick, and the 4-year-olds are Owen Edward and Ollie May. Sofia and Leo would like another two syllable vowel name for their new daughter but not one that begins with A or O. As with their older children, they want it to be recognisable but not overly common. Her middle name should be something classic and elegant.

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