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    Agatha Valo, Delilah Neve, Harper Lucinda, Imogen Freja, Rosie Eleanor & Sylvie Amandine

    Tom & Alice are expecting a boy. They would like the first name to refer to some sort of woodland flora or fauna, and for the middle name to indirectly honour grandfather Charles Aurelius. They don't want either name to begin with a vowel.

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    Lennox Cassius

    Amy and Evan Lockwood are expecting their fourth and fifth children (twin boys), and would like to find names for their sons that fit in perfectly with their three daughters' names (Dorothy Lux "Dotty", Edith True "Edie" and Wilhelmina Plum "Billie"). They favour retro/hipster baby names with room for a cute nickname, and would like one-syllable middle names that indirectly honour the boys' grandfathers Edward and Patrick (Lux came from grandma Lucy, True from grandma Trudy, and Plum from aunt Victoria).

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    Lennon Ed Lockwood and August Rick Lockwood

    The year is 1921, and Martha and Alfred Jameson are expecting their sixth and seventh children, a boy and a girl. They're previous children are named Dorothy Ruth,
    Walter John, Edward Frank, Margaret Mary, and Charles Ralph.
    Both first names must be from the top 10 of that year, and their middle names must be one syllable. They also must both have a second middle name, after Martha's aunt and uncle, Selma and Theodore.

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    Frances Rose Selma Jameson & William Hugh Theodore Jameson

    Eva and Hector Martin are a French couple who recently moved to the U.S. and are expecting a baby girl. They are already parents to four other children; Rémy Gaspard, Léonie Constance, Anaïs Vivienne, and Théo Robin. They would like the first name to be of French origin but have ruled out any names starting with R, L, A, T, and D. The name must also not be in the U.S. top 100. They would like a feminine middle name with more than 6 letters that somehow honors Hector's recently deceased sister, Margot Lily.

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    Chantal Magnolia (has the letters MAG from Margot, but is a flower like Lily)

    Emily and Edward are having a girl. They want the name to fit with their kids names: Hugo Edward, Finnegan Andrew (Finn), and Cassia Jane. However, this time there are a lot of people they want to honour, and instead of doing what they did with Cassia's name (taking Cassandra and a Jane), they would like to somehow mix these names to honour all of them. The name must honour at least 2 (preferably 3) out of these people: Hillary, Corinne, Andrea, Cassidy, and Hannah. The middle name should be a more common/vintage name like Edward, Andrew and Jane are.
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