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    Lilah and Dustin are expecting B/G twins. They want the meanings of their first names to be connected somehow--they do not have to be the same (for example, a name meaning 'warrior' and a name meaning 'strong' or 'soldier' is more than close enough-- and the middle names must begin with the same initial. Older brother is Milo Eamon.

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    Archie Clark & Riley Cordelia, both relate to courage/bravery/audacity
    (or Luc Elliot & Nora Eve, meaning light)

    Katharine & Alex are expecting their third child. They already have four year old twins Ursula Clementine & Lakshmi Alice, who they like to call Teddy (Ursula means little bear) and Lucky. With their new baby, which they are yet to find out the sex of, they would like for a similar relationship between nickname and name. They love names which tend not to be universally adored and so save the middle spot for something more sane for the child to fall back on. To maintain flow they would like first names that contain the letters "l", "s" and "a" (though it is not essential), and middles that are British-sounding.

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    Miroslava Eloise for a girl
    Miroslava means "peaceful glory," so her nickname could be Glory

    Tallis Mitchell for a boy
    Tallis is of Old English origin. The Old English root "talu" means a tale, fable or story, so his nickname could be Story

    Serenity Marin and Wendell James Hart are expecting triplets. They already have one daughter, Thora Persephone. Like their sister, the Harts would like the triplets' names to have mythological meaning. They also would like each child's first name to begin with a different letter from the others, have each child's middle name start with a different letter from the others, and have each child's first and middle name begin with different letters. Additionally, they would like the same rules to apply to the final sounds of each child's first and middle name. Hence, if two children's name end with an "e," those "e's" should produce different sounds. Likewise, different letter combinations that produce the same sound, like "ie" and "y" should not be used.

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    Corinne Janet and Xander Jeremy are having their 2nd daughter. They already have two kids, Ash Gardener and Ebony Wren. They would like their next child's name to follow this pattern (colour and then nature name). Also, the name shouldn't start with the same letter as any of the other first names start with, same goes for middle name. And the name should not rhyme with any of the other names.
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    Jessica Louise and Walter Davis are expecting their 1st son. They already have three daughters- Leonie Rose, Lacey Daffodiel, and Luna Daisy. They would like to keep the pattern of having a "L" name and a flower middle name. HOWEVER with their son they would like two middle names and the second middle name to be honoring the father in some way shape or form without using his exact name.

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