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    Brooke Lacey (Nn Bee or Brookie)

    Forest Nick (nn Rest)

    Abigail and Derek are having their third baby: a little girl! MN must be a place like her siblings', FN must be girly but not frilly.
    They already have:
    DD: Olivia Holland
    DD: Scarlett London

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    Aurelia Florence

    Jenny and Ricky both hated growing up with common names, so they want to give their son the opposite--a long, unique name. For a middle name, they want to honor a family member (a classic, common older name). They're fine with clunky, but not matchy (no same first letters or sing-songy sounding names).

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    Greyson James

    Madeline and Jared have both loved unisex names for as long as they can remember. They want their baby girl to have a unisex name for either the first or middle. Whichever name is not unisex should be long and very feminine and classic but not old-lady-like.
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    Georgiana Quinn

    Josh and Kate are huge Game of Thrones fans. They want their baby girl's first or middle name to be from Game of Thrones. They want her other name to be 4 letters like each of their names.

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    Cersei Beth

    Sarah and Jess are expecting twin boys. They already have kids Maya Rose and Daniel Soren. They want to avoid the initials S, J, M, and D for the first names, and would like to honour Brian Alexander and/or Bethany Lena with at least one name without using the exact names. Remember to match with Maya and Daniel!
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