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    Piper Louise

    Ava and Paul Foster want a name for their new daughter that is very unusual but pays tribute to Ava's mother, Elizabeth, in some way. Her middle name should be either a colour or a flower. Older sister is Rumi Isabelle.

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    A few ideas:
    Elspeth Siena
    Elke Peony
    Zibby Primrose

    Anthea & Isacco are expecting their second and third child, boy+girl twins. They are already parents to three year old Satine Annika Leigh. In terms of naming style, they aim to follow suit by having a first name related to textiles/the fashion industry; a name popular in Scandinavia as the first middle; and the surname of a famous actor/actress as the second middle.

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    Lacey Andrea Belle (after Camilla Belle)

    Richard and Alicia are having twin daughters. They would like to have the first & middle names to honor their Hispanic heritage just like their other children. Josefina Raquel, Sofia Mercedes, Diego Jesus, & Graziella Abigail.
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    Esperanza Ceri and Estella Dulce

    Amy and Lana are having boy-girl twins. They would like the total number of letters in the two names to equal each other, with a two letter difference at most. One name should honour Amy's sister Lia, and the other Lana's father Jordan.
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    Lior William and Auden Joanna

    Marley and Graeme Novak are about to welcome their third child. They already have Quinn Grace Lucille, 6, and Miro Marcel Huxley, 3. The new baby is another boy, and they would like his name to reflect Graeme's Slavic lineage while still being accessible and recognisable to Western ears. Miro's middle name shares its first three letters with his mother, and Quinn's with her father, so for the new baby they would like a middle name that follows the same pattern using either of his grandfathers' names- Calvin and Marko. His second middle name should relate to a famous person from the past (Lucille for Lucille Ball and Huxley for Aldous Huxley). Good luck!

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