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    Oakley Simeon

    Astrid and Michael Emory are about to welcome twin girls, sisters for 6-year-old Arlo William and 4-year-old Xanthe Violet. The twins should have different initials to their siblings and to each other. Baby A will get her first name from something music-related and Baby B from something food-related. One middle name should relate to Summer and one to Winter.

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    Cadence Juliet & Quenelle Neige

    Soren & Carys are adopting two siblings from France. The oldest is a two year old little girl who goes by Sophie. They will keep her name and add a middle name that honors Soren's mother Anna in some form. Her brother is just a few days old and hasn't a name. They will choose a French first that begins with C & will translate well in America & his middle will honor Carys' father Tecwyn in some form.

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    Sophie Anabella and Claudien Tecwyn

    Levi and Gray are expecting triplet girls, their second, third, and fourth children. They're looking for energetic, at least somewhat uncommon two-syllable names for all three, with unusual, feminine middle names. They should all also go nicely with big brother Ashby Callum.
    Coming soon -- unsurprisingly.

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    Windy Seraphine, Brigid Tessela, Portia Valentina

    twin girls, must have flower names for the first name, "vintage" names ending in A for the middle.
    Senna Elizabeth
    Tobias Everett
    Sterling Joel/Dashiell Colm

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    Rose Eudora & Violet Agatha

    Joseph and Calliope have had their son arrive early, before they had settled on a name. They want a first name that honour's his mother's Greek heritage and a middle name that honours their friend Elizabeth, who recently passed away after a long battle with cancer.
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