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    Chloe Julia

    Noelle and Nathan are expecting twins! One boy and one girl. They want the first names to begin with N like theirs do, and middle names show their love for Disney movies.

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    Nicolas Phillip and Naomi Belle
    A daughter and son twin set is arriving. Must honor mother's name (Patricia) without using the same name. Must have a Religious meaning and must not be too uncommon or too popular.

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    Eden Ishbel and Abel Patrick

    Daisy and Luke Anderson are about to welcome their fifth and final child, a baby girl. They are already parents to Leo Sweeney, Cyrus Revere, Vesper Frances and Orion Emmet. Their new daughter's name must have a different end sound to the other four (ie no -a names as Vesper already has -er (...I'm in Australia so they sound the same, ha)) and they would like it to relate to something other-worldly (open to interpretation... can be anything the name of an angel to the name of one of Jupiter's moons... up to you). Her middle name must be two syllables like her siblings', and must begin with T to honour Daisy's grandfather Thomas Tarquin.

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    Celestine Taylor

    Theodore and Reverie Baker are expecting twins, G/G! The criteria:

    Twin 1
    FN: Must honor Theodore's cousin, Eleanor Ruth, without actually using either of the names
    MN1: Should be whimsy and three syllables, uncommon and start with Am- and end in -sia
    MN2: Should be one of these: Nicole, Jane, Marie, Leigh, Rose, Anne, Elizabeth, or Frances

    Twin 2:
    FN: Should honor Reverie's great-aunt Lorraine Leonora without using either of the names
    MN1: Should relate to the city of Seattle, where Theo & Reverie were both born and raised
    MN2: Should be a timeless classic that's not US Top 250.
    Catalina || 18 || College Student

    Girls: Augusta || Bryony || Caroline || Elizabeth || Katherine || Margaret || Rosemary || Ruth
    Boys: Adrian || August || Bennett || Elliott || Ezra || Foster || Joel || Lowe || Porter || Weston

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    Elle Ambrosia Frances
    Nora Washington Jane

    Milla and Benjamin have decided they like occupational names but as they have a last name ending in -er so cannot repeat that ending. Their other children are named Johnny and Violet. For the middle name-he wants Cassie, she wants Caroline.

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