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    Aubrey Josef Charlton Mehmedović

    Alma and Bastien Lemieux already have four children- a daughter, Clémence Catalina, a son, Darcelle Diego, another daughter, Elsa Emily, and another son, Florian Felipe. They are now expecting twins, a boy and a girl. Their initials are GG and HH- both first names are French, and both middle names are Spanish.

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    Gaëtan Gabriel Lemieux & Hélène Herminia Lemieux

    The Fitzpatricks are welcoming a baby girl. Their first daughter is Ginger Azure Ottoline and they would like to keep to this theme. As such, the first name should be culinary, the second a shade of blue and the third begging with O.

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    Rosemarie Aqua Olivia

    The Jones family is welcoming girl triplets
    Their first daughter's name is Elizabeth Grace Isabella
    The first names have to be a similar style as Elizabeth
    The first middle names have to be a virtue name that is no longer than 5 letters long
    The second middle names have to be in the top 50 names of 2012
    None of the names can be 'tacky,' or have random spellings
    The family hates the following names: Penelope, Diana, Ava, Lilly, Rosie, Samantha, Emma, Emily, Ella, Chloe, Lillian, Zoey, Hannah, and Audrey

    As you can see, the family is VERY picky
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    Alexandra Hope Evelyn, Victoria Joy Amelia and Charlotte Amity Sophia

    The next family are welcoming twin girls into their lives. They love nature and books, and want colourful, exciting names for the girls, but nothing too far out there. They don't like made up names or names immediately related to characters from books (ie. Juliet, Octavia, Mathilda), but want some sort of literary connection, for one of the girls and a name relating to colour for the other.
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    Catherine Wisteria (many Catherines in literature) and Astoria Lavender nn Story

    Susannah and Edward Hopkins are expecting boy-girl twins. They want a name that honours as many grandparents as possible. Edward's parents are Victor Kenneth and Elizabeth Annemarie (nee Frasier) Hopkins, and Susannah's are Francis Walter and Diana Violetta (nee Smith) Clerkenwell. They love familiar classic names.
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    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
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