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    Poppy Léa & Lola Evie

    Oona & Arthur are expecting their first child, a girl. Her first name should begin with M, be three syllables and end in e. Her middle name should celebrate punk rock.

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    Magdalene Cressida

    Lola and Paul are expecting triplets ggb. They already like Milena Pearl nn Milla and Demetria Olive nn Demi. They would like a mn that reflects their profession as ballroom/latin dancers and a first that fits his sister's. It should end in a but be masculine and not use any of his sister's initials.

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    Luca Walter (Walter is similar to Waltz)

    Jane and Pete are expecting their second daughter! Their first daughter's name is Kate Cressida. They love short, plain, classic, 1 syllable first names, with interesting middles, They also love the sound of alliteration, but both names don't have to start with the same letter, just the same sound (ex. Kate Cressida or Jane Gillian).
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    Claire Lucetta

    Andy and Sofia Brooks are expecting their first baby girl. Her first name should honor her grandmothers' names(Amelia and Stella), her first middle should be atleast 3 syllables, of Latin origin and her second middle must be an edgy, one syllable name. All names must flow nicely with other.
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    Celia Amabel Kaye

    Mia and Michael are expecting a son. His first name must be in the UK Top 10 for 2000. His second middle name must be an uncommon nature name that can be unisex but used more for girls.
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